Friday, November 29, 2013

Sweet Dream - Fat Burned :p

You guys, I just had the best dream ever. I had a dream that when I put on an outfit to go out somewhere and I looked in the mirror and noticed my stomach was totally flat. Not only flat, it was toned and nicer than ever! It felt so real, I was grinning from ear to ear in my dream(I'm pretty sure I was grinning in real life too), and was jumping up and down with joy. I wanted to run outside while screaming with pride and joy, "Look everyone! Look how flat my belly is!!! 

But then I woke up and realized it was only a dream. Darn it! I'm pretty sure I had that dream because I've talked to several women who told me they didn't have a problem losing weight and getting back in shape after their first two children, but with their third, it's been much, much harder and taking a lot longer. And even after you do lose the weight, your stomach is more soft and pudgy than with the first two, or bigger stretch marks, and so forth. So I've been worrying a little bit the past couple of years about whether I'll ever have my previous body back and if not, what the changes will be.  Yes, I'm shallow and vain I guess. I never worried about it before, even with my first two children, and not with the first 5 months of my 3rd pregnancy, but it's been sneaking up on me every once in awhile, especially when I'm looking at swimsuit websites and see amazing, flat, toned stomachs of the models.

 Did your body change after having a baby? Mine sure did, some are good, some are not good, but it definitely changed. Some not so good changes have been what's very common such as hair loss & loss of shine and luster of hair, smaller, not as firm and perky chest, wider rib cage, lack of sleep therefore aging and looking worn out, but some good changes have been a wider hips so my waist to hips ratio is more prominent, giving me more curves, and.... well, that's about it hahaha... 

Everything else has been a negative change(like even though I went back to my normal size with both of my first two pregnancies, all the pants never fit me the same so I had to get all new pants after my first pregnancy. The butt, the hips, the thighs, it all changed somehow so while the waist of the pants size still fit me, it didn't fit the same or flatter my body anymore. Weird, right?) 

But in the end, even if my stomach is going to be pudgier and softer, I might age more, my pants won't fit me the same, those worries are not what I'll be thinking about on my deathbed but instead I will be thinking about how glad I was that I had all my children and how it was worth it all. All of it.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Graduation photos 2

More graduation photos. Thank you to Dewi Nur Dina, Principal of Q-dees Tawau.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Graduation photos

More graduation photos. Qdess Annual Concert 2013. Pictures are from Rayhan's teachers, Siti and Alicia.