Thursday, April 14, 2011

A Letter to Remember (by Zuhaini Ismail-my lil sister)

My sister wrote a note for me, words can describe how much I love her... Here, I would like to share it with my readers...

Sometimes when life gets harder and harder everyday, we tend to curse and give up on life..

I want to tell a story about two awesome lady in my life which 'giving up' is not in their book..

The first lady is Asiah Abd Rahman.. 'GARANG', strict, lovable, TOUGH, bold and the most awesome person ever!

Mama, you are a gem of a lady.. She raised my sister and I alone..didn't need any help from anyone.. Its true.. I can still remember we used to live in a small room just 3 of us.. She will go to work and my sister will be the mom for the day..

Its amazing how sometimes I can easily forget the hardships that mama has to go through in raising me and yes she's still taking care of me now!

I used to yelled back at her, argue about how wrong her actions were towards me, made her cry alone at night thinking bout her little girl..

Dear Mama,

I'm sorry mama..never knew how hard it can be being a single parent..I know I've made mistakes here and there..I swear I'm learning from it now.. I'm sorry i made you cry, worried sick about me.. Thank you for standing by me all the time, I learn it the hard way but thank you for showing me the light and guiding me all the way.. Thank you for supporting me and all of my decisions..Thank you for giving me a home, thank you for providing me all that I need.. Thank you for NOT GIVING UP ON ME, thank you everything.. i can never thank you enough mama..

Whatever 'they' said about you, let them be.. They are crazy and there's no room for them to change or even to grow up..You are the greatest and I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!

The second lady is my beloved Kak Long Khairani Ismail

We love to argue.. She will always let me win.. how nice.. ;P

Anyhoo, she was my guardian angel.. My secrets?? She knows it all!

When mama had to go to work, kak long will put on a costume and

'tadaaaa' she's MAMA.. Owh how I miss being your little sister kak long.. Kak long was always there, she took care of everything, from the cooking, laundry, feeding me and she even taught me how to ride a bicycle! haha.. I can still remember falling down those stairs riding the bike.. She always stand up for me.. If I did something wrong, she will always take the blame..At night she hugged me and said

'Adik, whatever happens we must stick together..I promise everything will be alright..'

Now shes , married with 2 kids.. Shes an awesome mommy!

Dear Kak Long,

I miss you, I really really do.. I cannot wait for you to come here with my cute nephew and niece..

Thank you so much for being my guardian angel.. You do not know how much I need you in my life..

I still wanna be your little sister..pretty pleaseeeeeee... Owh ya I know I love to argue with you back then.. Its because I didn't understand much about what you have gone through all these while.. Thank you for everything and 'Adik sayang Kak Long.. Banyakkkk sangatttt!!!'