Friday, October 4, 2013

Happy Birthday Mama...

Today is my mom's birthday! Growing up, I always wished I had more money around Mama's (my mom) birthday so I could buy my mom fancy gifts and things she really loved instead of my lame homemade card or a small, simple gift. I felt a little foolish for only being able to give something so little to my mother who's done everything for me and thought, "Oh how she would love to receive a fancy new dress instead of this card I got for her! Or an expensive handbag! One day when I get older and have more money, I will be sure to spoil her with all those things and give her what she would really want for her birthday..." 

Now that I have my own children and I'm older, I realize how wrong I was! The perfect birthday gift is a homemade card or a small, simple gift. That is all I ever want for any occasion of mine whether it's a birthday, Valentine's day, Mother's Day, or an anniversary. Spending money is easy and doesn't require much time, but a thoughtful birthday card or a small thoughtful present (homemade is the best) telling me how much they love and appreciate me? No money could ever buy the happiness, satisfaction, and pride I feel from receiving those gifts. 

 I remember, both Rayhan & Iman made me something in preschool for Mother's Day and while their teachers told them it was to be a surprise, they couldn't contain their excitement so they already let me get a sneak peek and I am so excited to receive it on Mother's Day!  It's the perfect gift and I can't think anything else I'd rather have.

Mama said, all I want is my daughters to be happy, that is the greatest gift.... Awwwww.... Happy Birthday Mama.... Thank you ror always nurturing, teaching, and helping me. May you have a beautiful birthday... I love you...

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