Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Eyes Wide Open

When women juggle their families, jobs, social obligations and personal interest, something’s got to give. It’s usually some much needed sleep. I may not have much sleep on weekdays and such look forward to the weekend to play catch up. Can this make up to the lost hours of sleep?

Absolutely not! Says Dr. Mehmet Oz, Oprah Winfrey’s favorite go-to doctor on health issues. His definition of chronic sleep deprivation is getting less than 6 hours of sleep a night.

When I first had my son, it seemed almost impossible to get an uninterrupted sleep. I knew I had to be better organized and that I had to find a solution to juggle chores and family. I try to find times to rest and take naps during the day. When I took better care of myself, I could take better care of my child. It made me a better mother. I still don’t get the necessary eight hours every single nights, but I am sleeping a lot more these days.

I certainly does not want to return to the early days of motherhood when I went for several days without sleep. Not sleeping well for several days made me feel barely alive. I couldn’t concentrate and I could only do routine work, which requires little or no thinking. I often get emotional breakdowns at that point and felt incredibly helpless.

I fantasises about a solution to my problem : A move to France. Apparently in France the government pays nannies to make house calls to new mothers. Nanny services include cleaning and cooking. Now that’s your tax dollars doing fruitful work! Masalahnye, we x mampu to move to France! Aiyooooo…


norzah said...

Wow, semakin prolific now. That's good. It shows that motherhood does not actually interfere with with creative writing. Yes, an adult needs at least some six hours of sleep everyday. But more important is the need for sound deep sleep. 2 -3 hrs of that can compensate for any lack of sleep while one hour of sleep in the day equals to two three hours at night. Much of course depends on our constitution. Moving to a developed country to get nanny services, is like perpatah Melayu: Mahal rantai dari beruk. The cost of nanny services is fantstically high. I think you need to recruit and train your own to ensure that she will take real good care of your beloved offspring, Salam.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I see that you're very productive now in spite of the maternal burden that u have to bear. Congratulations. We only need some 6 hrs of sleep but more importantly, it must be deep and sound. No need to go to France to escape the household chores.
Undertake them all with love and matrimonial bliss will
descend on everyone in the family,

Anonymous said...

Hi, why is Mummy Anne not updating her blog? Too busy? Writing is like doing a physical exercise. When you stop for a while, the while will stretch on and on
and you might not get to do the exercise again.
Here's looking forward to reading a new entry, hehehe.

Anonymous said...

Dah sebulan tak menulis, Kenapa? Takkan tak a da ilham lut?

Anonymous said...

Hey, Inspired! Kenapa sudah dua bulan tak update your blog?. I'm sure all your friends would like to know what is happening. Or have you really gone to France?
Wherever you're, best wishes to you and family.

mummy anne said...

norzah,thank you for your comments,i baca comment u,syok rasanya... inspiring gak. agaknya ada x jual pil yg dpt beri kesegaran sepanjang masa?

Anonymous said...

Pil di Pharmacy atau kedai Sei Sei tak taulah ada atau tidak. Yang saya tau untuk segar selalu mesti mandi 5 kali sehari dan lepas mandi solat. Mandi tu tak payahlah selau sangat nak jimatkan air, hehehe. Tapi jika sembahyang tu ditambah dengan sembahyang sunat selalu. insyaallah, sakit-sakit urat pun hilang.
Kalau selepas tu uzur saja, maknanya ia suatu berkat yang disebaliknya ada kebaikan tersembunyi. Salamualaikum.