Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A Meaningful Song....

Lagu ini sungguh sesuatu.... I heard this song yesterday, ANAK, sing by Freddy Aguilar.

Semasa engkau dilahirkan
Kau pun sudah satu impian
Impian nyata kurnia Illahi

Engkau anak istimewa
Kebahagian ibu ayah
Bila menangis dan juga tertawa

Hai anak kau tak mengerti
Betapa mulia pengorbanan mereka
Memberikan kasih-sayang
Agar dapat menikmati dunia

Masa silih berganti
Kau membesar tak dikenali
Cepat sungguh kau pandai bicara

Apa yang telah terjadi
Pada mereka kau derhaka
Mengapa begitu apakah salahnya

Hai anak kau tak mengerti
Betapa mulia pengorbanan mereka
Memberikan kasih-sayang
Agar dapat menikmati dunia

Kini kau telah tersesat
Hilang diri dan pedoman
Tak seorang pun mengambil peduli

Dan kini engkau menangis
Ibu ayah menghampiri
Walau engkau telah terpesong jauh

Hai anak kau tak mengerti
Betapa mulia pengorbanan mereka
Memberikan kasih-sayang
Agar dapat menikmati dunia

Dear Muhammad Rayhan & Iman Khadeeja...

As time goes by, both of you will receive best advices from your daddy and I. Remember that we are the first man & woman in your lives, and inevitably leaves our mark on you. One day, both of you will wonder, where would you be without our pearls of wisdom? I hope, in the future, my children will never take our advices for granted. When I was younger, I used to dismiss my mother’s advice (and she had plenty of it!) as ‘lectures’ to be tolerated and then dismissed. As I grew older and more so after becoming a parent, finally I understood what she had meant. I wish she is around all the time so that I could put my arms around her and listen to her peerless wisdom. I would have love to hear her advice on how to bring up her grandchildren.

Here, I reveal some of your grandma’s best advice...

Your grandma advised me to be optimistic, to be the best in everything I do. She used to tell me, “Go all out. Be the best and enjoy life!” She is a true ‘bon vivant’ who has lived live to the full. And yet, she has fulfilled her duty as a wife, mother, sister, grandmother admirably. She taught me respect, humility, appreciation for life and love for family.

Your grandma used to tell me that whenever I have a decision to make, I should follow my conscience. You will know within yourself whether you are doing the right thing. Your heart will tell you, she used to say. I have lived by this maxim and it has served me well.

Another best advice to me was simple but very meaningful. Be caring human beings and always look at life in a positive light. I have tried my best to live by this principle.

My mum went through a lot of hardship to raise Aunty Zuzu, Maksu Didie and I. I have tried to live my life as per my mum’s advice. Grandma remains the patriarch in the family who is still a strong influence in my life. Her legacy lives through our actions.

My wish for my children is that they are blessed with happiness and will enjoy harmonious, healthy lives. As both of you grow older, daddy and I will guide and answer every question that pop on your mind. We’ll try our best, promise! Rayhan and Iman are a blessing from Allah, we love you to bits!


Anonymous said...

Whisper my blessings as well to Rayhan and Iman and my congratulations to you and your hubby. May Allah bless you both and the parents and grandparents who had passed on their wisdom to you.

Anonymous said...

Mummy Anne, your English is superb. Maybe you'd like to read some of the blogs by Che Det, Kadir Jasin, Rocky Bru, Norzah's Thoughts on Life etc, to get some ideas for your blog. Family matters are interesting but you got to broaden out to cover other subjects to remain current. Anyway I like reading what you write.

Anonymous said...

Mummy Anne, blognya sudah ditinggal waktu lagi, Bila mau update? Pasti terlalu sibuk dengan dua serpihan jiwa mahu dijaga, malah tiga kerana tanpa belahan utama ( antara u dan hubbynya) tentu tidak mungkin ada serpihan lain. Sorry to break into Bahasa. Bulan puasa ni canggung mahu bicara dalam bahasa barat.
Selamat puasa.

mummy anne said...

dear readers, tq for your suggestions, i'll find time to read those blogs or to write more insyaAllah... blessing for all of you... selamat berpuasa!